PDP-BJP govt promoting ‘politics of hate’ in JK: NC

PDP-BJP govt promoting ‘politics of hate’ in JK: NC
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JAMMU: The National Conference (NC) on Saturday accused the PDP-BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir of promoting politics of hate to hide its alleged failures on all fronts.
“J&K is at the crossroads of history with opportunistic alliance presiding over its destiny, the politically matured people will have to change the discourse by isolating reactionary elements,” said NC state vice president Rattan Lal Gupta in a statement.
Highlighting the crucial role played by the people of Jammu in promoting and sustaining secular ethos even during the most testing times, Gupta called for a “decisive battle against divisive forces, who have taken central stage by exploiting regional and religious sentiments to further their myopic and nefarious agenda.”
“This can be possible only by forging unity and further strengthening the bonds of amity,” he said.
Gupta said the challenges being faced by Jammu and Kashmir were manifold, especially in the wake of “hate politics” being promoted by the PDP-BJP coalition, as a shield to hide its “failures on all fronts”.
“Communal politics is against the secular ethos of Jammu and Kashmir and those perpetrating it are doing a disservice to the people,” he said, adding that his party would continue to cleanse degenerated political atmosphere by strengthening the secular fabric, which is corner stone of the state.
The senior NC leader accused the PDP-BJP government of plunging the state into unprecedented political uncertainty by failing to maintaining law and order, adopting anti-people policies and indulging in politics of hate.
“The present dispensation has failed in meeting challenges faced by the state,” he said.
Gupta made a fervent appeal to the people for maintaining peace, amity and tranquillity, saying this will be a befitting rebuff to the divisive forces.