Tral’s Baedkoul shrinking due to dumped garbage

Tral’s Baedkoul shrinking due to dumped garbage
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Asif Muhammad Bilal

Tral: Baedkoul, an important stream in Tral that flows through many villages irrigating hundreds of fields, is shrinking fast, particularly at Arigam.
In the absence of garbage dumping sites, nearby residents are dumping garbage in the stream itself. On the mounds of garbage, which have shrunk the stream, some people have planted saplings.
A tin shed has been constructed in the middle of the stream with no one raising any objections, neither the villagers, nor any officials.
“Residents are throwing plastic bottles, polythene and other garbage which has accumulated at one side of the stream, making it shrink day by day,” Rayees Ahmad, a resident of Arigam, lamented.
He lamented that the water is so contaminated that a person can’t even touch it.
“The stream flows through many villages and people are throwing garbage at many places, but mostly it has been reduced at Arigam bridge. If it continues like this, our future generation will never get to see the stream flowing,” an elderly man from the village said.
Another villager said that water of the stream was once used for drinking purposes, but the garbage had left it even unfit to touch.
A farmer from Tral said if the stream keeps on shrinking like this, their paddy fields would become barren.
“It is one of the serious issue in the village. We many times appeal villagers not to throw any garbage in the stream, but they don’t pay heed,” a group of villagers said.
“We also appealed irrigation department many times to take notice of our concern, they assured us of action, but so far no action was taken. They also said that people have no proper dumping site where they can throw garbage. Authorities should take notice of that also. We want authorities to sort out our problem as soon as possible, otherwise people will continuously throw garbage in it and a time will come when this stream will be reduced to nothing.”
Executive Engineer, irrigation division Tral Ali Mohammad Kachroo, told Kashmir Reader that the stream was a priority for them.
“ADC Tral is himself supervising this issue and he has said that up to May 2018 we will commence work on it,” Kachroo said, adding that the tenders would be advertised for the project soon.