Growing support to Lal Singh is ‘dissent against high command’: BJP leader

Growing support to Lal Singh is ‘dissent against high command’: BJP leader
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SRINAGAR: The reshuffle of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ministers in the coalition government of J&K has not turned out well. A state BJP leader said that “discontent against the party high command has grown to its highest”.
The discontent is at its “highest” because of three main reasons: one, many legislators who were expecting a ministry were denied; two, the sacking of two ministers – Lal Singh and Chander Prakash Ganga – for participating in the Hindu Ekta Manch’s Kathua rally; and three, the elevation of Kavinder Gupta as Deputy Chief Minister, instead of the party’s state president, Sat Sharma.
“Due to these reasons, a good number of party leaders have started to express their dissent against the party high command,” a BJP leader, requesting anonymity, told Kashmir Reader. “Displeasure has been shown (by party leaders) in the form of more support to Lal Singh, who is demanding a CBI probe into the Kathua case, and by adopting an indifferent attitude towards party higher-ups.”
“No one in the party knows what Lal Singh is up to. He has led many marches, talked openly against the party’s position on the Kathua case. After the reshuffle, many leaders who were denied a place in the cabinet have shown support to him,” the leader said.
The party, he said, is taking note of their actions, but added that no action will be taken against them because it “will not be the good for the party at this juncture.”
“Lal Singh has influence over many legislators in the party. Action against them would involve the risk that they, too, may resign and form a new party. Singh has already given subtle hints. In the past he was with the Congress,” the BJP leader said.
He also said that Sat Sharma, the party’s J&K unit president, wanted to be the deputy CM and is unhappy that he was denied.
The saffron party in its reshuffle dropped three ministers and inducted five new ministers.