Will lay down our lives to save militants: youth injured in Shopian

Will lay down our lives to save militants: youth injured in Shopian
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Anantnag: A video of two Shopian youth being ferried to hospital after being shot at near the encounter site in Turkewangam village in Shopian on Wednesday evening, surfaced on social media showing the two of them saying that they were ready to lay down their lives to save militants.
The two youths, with bullet injuries to their thighs, were admitted at Anantnag district hospital on Wednesday evening.
The 39-second video begins with one of the attendants (not in the frame and probably shooting the video) commenting that the folks back home will be worried.
One of the injured youth, with his both thighs bandaged, replies, “There is nothing to worry about.”
He goes on to say that he is ready to lay down his life for militants.
“We are ready to sacrifice our lives for our mujahideen brothers,” he says. The other injured youth, with one thigh bandaged, raises his voice and talks about the rights of Kashmiri people. “We demand that the Government of India give Kashmiri people their rights. We will continue to rush to the encounter sites till then,” he says.
He adds, “We do not care about our lives.” Dozens of civilians have been killed in south Kashmir, many of them this month, and hundreds have been injured while trying to rescue militants from government forces. Recently, during an encounter in Khudwani area of Kulgam district, four youths lost their lives trying to save 3 militants engaged in a long gunfight. The militants did survive but four youths were killed, including one who was going to get married soon. Police officials, politicians and many other people have been repeatedly appealing to youth to stay away from encounter sites, but to no avail.