Technology must not be Fetishized. It Should be Subordinate to Human Existence

Technology must not be Fetishized. It Should be Subordinate to Human Existence
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Fayaz Ganie

In the age of technology, saying anything against it is next to blasphemy. However, saying things – against technology or anything else – which could aid humans to sustain on the planet earth, is a revolutionary act. One should never hesitate in uttering the words ensuring human survival. Such things, ensuring survival, should be given preference and priority in saying and brought to the notice of all, and in the notice of those authorities who are supposed to implement, regulate and govern human affairs.
So, writing against technology and demeaning it is not the intention here. Rather, the intention is to keep safeguards in place while using technology, keep alternatives in a state of readiness which could be used in case of untimely and unexpected technological failures and try to remove the possible drawbacks, demerits and limitations from the use and application of technology. Technology should not be allowed to become life threatening or existence threatening by any means including unexpected failure(s).
Man has begun to become over dependent on technology which is never a wise thing, if there are no safeguards and substitutes firmly in place. If, on the other hand, safeguards are in place, life could still be run smoothly in case of failures of technology, accidental or otherwise. A mere example could give an idea about how overdependence on technology can prove fatal and having a safeguard at individual and collective level could save lives.
A person leaves home for very important work involving money and monetary transactions or to arrange treatment for an emergency patient. He has all the cards with him and his account is account is filled with money to the brim. Meaning the work is done and carrying hard cash is unnecessary and laborious too. But , the exact time he needs the money, there occurs a technological snag where making a digital transaction becomes impossible thereby making the hopes of saving the patient bleak and some patients of such type might lose their life this way. In case of other important affairs the works could go ruined due to the similar type of faults.
This is a simple example of our day today life but there are vital areas on which depends the existence of the modern life which are run by technology. If there is a failure in those technologies, by any reason, it is good bye to human life in a country or the entire world. There areas are almost under the complete control and supervision of technology. The better option, as such, is to keep reserve options available where no harm should be made in case of abrupt failures.
Technology is intruding newer and so far restricted areas of human life. The traditional means and mechanisms to run these areas of life are becoming obsolete with the forward movement of life. Paper files are being replaced by the files on hard discs and computers. The latter files are easily accessible and easy to use but they are not completely safe and devoid of any threats. There are many more threats to computer, computer based and the internet based files. Hence, if the hard copies are available, they can be consulted in the event of the loss of their digital versions. Somewhere we miss this important point.
Not only over dependence on technology, but over emphasis on it is also a problem. We keep on developing technologies and , at times, end up creating the ones which are not even necessary at the first place. But, once these technologies come to fore , they become the fashion of the day, primarily because of the impressions, and reflections, which they leave on the human mind. Their attractive and shining surfaces force men to acquire them; otherwise we could have easily done without those technologies. At times these technologies are harmful both for human life including animate and inanimate surroundings of man.
Human survival is not merely survival like any other animal form but it is dignified and honorable survival. Many of the technologies, and misuse of them, take away this dignity and honor from that survival. There are ethical and moral issues associated with the use of these technologies but once introduced we become so accustomed and dependent on them that all the ethical and moral issues are thrown to dust. The result is that man using these technologies ceases to the man of impeccable moral and ethical standards, a thing contrary to the honorable survival of man.
Another issue associated with technology is that while using different technologies that they have lessened and reduced the human capacities and capabilities to a great extent. Nobody wants or is interested in doing things – which have been taken over by technology – which are intrinsic to human nature, and human mind. For calculations, there are calculators are for higher calculations there are advanced calculators and computers and for the fact collection and classification of even higher degrees there are super computers and other advanced machines. These machines and technologies have created a situation where a man is not ready do any calculations, even a simple arithmetical operation has been made almost impossible by this situation. The patience for calculations in the past has given place to the haste in conducting these operations.
This, as is feared by various experts in the field, has reduced the basic capabilities of human mind or kept them in a dormant state forever. That is precisely the reason why it is said that the process of reverse evolution is already in operation and could reduce the power and size of human brain. There might reach a stage where the man with reduced brain size and mental capabilities could be unable to control the same technology of which he considers himself as a master, which is deservingly is.
People are forgetting how to write. Typing of material on keyboards has set writing on the way to out. Writing again seems so laborious that people dislike it. This should not happen because writing by hand develops many faculties of human mind and create coordination and control in the muscular and skeleton movements of man to keep him healthy and working. In case writing by hands and fingers is stopped men are one capacity less in fighting any eventuality of sudden technological failure.
Since the very beginning of human race the agents and agencies of destruction and those of construction are there along with the people with destructive tendencies. Exactly is the case of the modern world, the agents of destruction are present and in fact they are more numerous today than they were ever in the past. The internet which is the marvel of an invention is more prone to the malicious people and their evil designs. They develop more sophisticated and deadly viruses which could prove fatal for the world. If the internet goes off for a short while it could signal the end of the world.
This is the reason why the alternative ways outside the internet should remain intact where they exist and in areas where they do not exist they should be developed and kept in a state of readiness. No matter it may take huge financial resources, no matter it may seem unnecessary, and superfluous but doing that becomes exigent for the simple reason that the survival of human race is in question.
The urgent need of the hour is to keep alternatives available which could make human life possible even if all the technology gets lost or gets blocked for some time. Preparedness is the only panacea to the threats that overdependence and over emphasis on technology have. Safety and alternatives are the only paraphernalia in our kitty to fight the unforeseen circumstances which could develop due to the callousness in using modern technology.
Since the very beginning, man is fighting for his survival , in one way or the other. When this is the story, why the current day human makes his survival as secondary consideration? It should always be the first and the foremost consideration. Hope it remains so.

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