PSAK concerned on stone pelting incidents on school buses

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Srinagar: Private School Association of Kashmir (PSAK) on Thursday expressed its dismay and concern over the incident in which stones were hurled on a school bus carrying students.
“Children are innocent and vulnerable section of the society and our collective effort should be to keep them away from harm’s way. We need to protect them always,” said the association in a statement.
“The situation is such that everybody feels unsafe be it in their homes or outside,” they said.
The Association prayed for the speedy recovery of injured students and said that every support will be provided to them.
They said that school buses should be treated as ambulances and be given a free run anywhere. “These school buses carry children towards schools or homes, the two places where they feel secure. We must ensure that the route they take should become a secure one too,” the association said. “We appeal that school buses be treated at par with ambulances. People have great regard for ambulances and everybody helps to clear way for it even during difficult times. Same approach should be employed for school buses.”