Urs of Ahad Bub observed in Sopore

Urs of Ahad Bub observed in Sopore
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SOPORE: Amid a shutdown across the valley over the killing of one civilians and two militants in Pulwama, a large number of devotees visited the home of mystic Ahad Bub on his eight annual urs in Sopore town in northern Kashmir.
Abdul Ahad Peer, popularly known as Ahad Bab was a revered saint, who passed away at the age of 80 on July 26, 2010. His family observes his urs on 13th of Shabaan, according to Islamic calendar every year.
He had a huge following cutting across religious barriers.
He was born on June 30, 1930, at Mohalla Ashpeer in Sopore, Baramulla.
His family says, Ahad Bub followed the legacy of his father, Peer Mohammad Ahsan, and grandfather, Peer Hadayatullah, who were also considered Sufis.
“We have devotees coming from not only various parts of Kashmir but also from outside the state,” Ahad Bub’s grandson Gulrez Mushtaq said.
People say that when Ahad Bab reached the highest stage of the spiritual path, Fana and Baqa, he deliberately subjected himself to physical troubles and traumas. He shunned clothes, and would walk barefoot on the snow. He would spend nights at places without roof or shelter. It was only during the last few years of his life, when his health started to fail, that Ahad sahib wore a traditional Kashmiri Pheran (cloak).
“Ahad Bub was not always a naked dervish. It was in the year when Bhutto was hanged that he stopped to wear even a Pheran and would walk naked even in winters. No one knows the particular reason for rejecting clothes“.
Some Hindu families had come from Jammu to attend the urs. “We started to visit the saint since 2004. And as a result we got success and our businesses flourished. Though he never spoke to us or gave us anything but every time we faced a problem, we used to rush and seek his blessing,” one of the visitors said.
Another devotee from Delhi, Peerzada (last name)had flown from Maharashtra to attend the Urs.
“Whatever we are today is because of Ahad sahib’s blessings. We make sure that we attend his Urs each year,” Peerzada told Kashmir Reader.
Devotees offered special prayers at his grave located near his residence and recited the verses from the holy Quran.