Hizb posters ask people to erase fencing of orchards in Shopian

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Shopian: Hizb posters appeared in Shopian areas, asking people to erase the barbed wires and fences of their orchards and other kinds of lands, locals said on Wednesday.
The posters mentioned “These wires become obstacles in our movement and we witnessed huge losses in past too so we appeal general public to raze down these wires.”
The posters are signed by Hizb district commander of Shopian Abu Zaid.
The posters further say “If you didn’t remove barbed wires around your orchards within a week, we will start damaging your orchards.”
These posters appeared in majority of areas of district Shopian in south Kashmir.
Pertinently, the same kind of dictate had come from militants in early nineties which were followed religiously, locals said.

One Response to "Hizb posters ask people to erase fencing of orchards in Shopian"

  1. SKChadha   May 2, 2018 at 10:14 am

    It appears that time of running parallel government by goons and support to them by vested interests in valley districts is tumbling. Now it is time for normal citizenry to come forward and help local law and order machinery for peace and tranquality and not to cave in for unreasonable demands of goons 😀