Entry fee for vehicles at Shopian hospital enrages patients, attendants

Entry fee for vehicles at Shopian hospital enrages patients, attendants
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Allege contractors of abusing and threatening

SHOPIAN: Visitors to the sub-district hospital at Shopian said that authorities have begun to charge entry fee for vehicles entering the premises which mostly carry patients.
The men collecting the entry fee at the gate claim that they have been given a contract to collect entry fee for vehicles entering the premises.
However, the visitors were aghast that entry was unlike a parking fee, and alleged that the staff used threats and abuses to collect the fee.
Several people visit the hospital to see a doctor or to buy medicines from a fair price shop inside the premises.
Shahid Ahmad, a local resident said that the people manning the gates fees threatened to beat him in public, if he did not pay the entry fee.
Aqib Hussain, another visitor, who was accompanying his mother to visit a doctor at the hospital said that it “is not paid parking but only entry fees where no one is responsible our vehicle”.
“They don’t ask for entry fee while entering the hospital but on the exit.
Another visitor also alleged that the staff threatened to beat him up.
“They told me ‘we will assault you like we assaulted another person who refused to pay the entry fees’,” he said.
Chief Medical Officer Shopian, Dr Abdul Rasheed told Kashmir Reader that he would talk to the concerned medical officer.
“The entry fee is meant for the people who are parking their vehicles inside the premises of sub district hospital Shopian but not for the vehicles carrying patients,” he said. Medical Superintendent, Dr Zahoor Ahmad said that he will solve the issue.
When told that the men deployed for entry fees were harassing and threatening people, he said nobody would be allowed to do so.
“Our concern is to stop the people who use the hospital premises for parking vehicles, not to charge those who come there for treatments,” Dr Zahoor said.