Condemning Gupta’s ‘outrageous’ remark, JRL says PDP helpless, shameless

Condemning Gupta’s ‘outrageous’ remark, JRL says PDP helpless, shameless
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SRINAGAR: The joint resistance leadership on Tuesday condemned the “outrageous” and “inhuman” remarks by Kavinder Gupta of BJP who shortly after being appointed the deputy CM said the Kathua rape and murder was a “small matter” which was given “undue importance”.
JRL comprising of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a statement said Gupta’s remarks reflect the sick communal mindset and value structure of the “proud RSS man”.
JRL added, “Inducting another organiser of the pro-rapist rallies Ravinder Jasrotia into the government clearly shows that BJP does not believe in deviating from its politics of polarisation and appeasement of certain communities for votes, even on a basic human issue like this, which is not surprising.”
“It just reinforces the fact (that) how helpless the local collaborators, the PDP, are and how shameless they can be to stay on for the sake of chair. It also indicates how much justice can be expected for (Kathua minor girl) from a system run by such people.”