No coalition without hiccups: Ram Madhav

No coalition without hiccups: Ram Madhav
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Jammu: BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said after the oath-taking ceremony of new ministers that there are bound to be “hiccups” in a coalition government but his party and ally PDP would be able to deliver on the promises made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Madhav also asserted that there was no question of a lenient approach towards those trying to obstruct security forces during counter-insurgency operations.
“All is not well between the two parties is something I have been hearing for the past three years. No coalition is easy. We are in coalition and working together to try to address the issues of the state. There will be hiccups but our party and our leaders are competent to handle those issues and we are confident that together we will be able to deliver on all those promises made in the common minimum programme or agenda of governance,” Madhav told reporters.
Asked about PDP’s new minister Mohammad Khalil Band’s calling for dialogue between India and Pakistan, Madhav said this was also “what the chief minister is saying”.
“We have always maintained that there will be a view of the people, but the decision on the issue (talks) will be taken by the Centre, after taking a comprehensive overview of the situation. Let them have their views,” Madhav said.
To a question suggesting that the BJP had surrendered before Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on key issues including amnesty to those involved in stone-pelting, Madhav said there could be no lenience towards those trying to obstruct the security forces.
“Nobody has surrendered. We are acting very tough against all forms of terror, whether it is on the streets, using stone-pelting as a means, or in the forests using guns. We will tackle them in an appropriate manner,” Madhav replied.
He said terrorists with guns and stone-pelters could not be dealt with in the same way. “With guns you have to deal differently and with stone-pelters differently. As far as amnesty is concerned, the first-time offenders were given amnesty by the state government in consultation with the home ministry. Otherwise, there is no question of any leniency with those who try or obstruct the duty of our security forces,” he said.