DAK lodges protest against govt, seek fulfilment of demands

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‘We are giving six weeks’ time to the government to full fill our demands or we will proceed with state-wide strike’

Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Monday lodged a strong protest at Directorate of Health Services Kashmir Office, Srinagar against government for its callous approach in resolving the grave issues of medical fraternity.
In a statement, DAK said, “It has been since decades that government is playing with the sentiments of medical fraternity by not addressing the legitimate demands. Either the government is hell bent not to solve the issues or the functionary is so inefficient that only after coming on to roads the demands shall be fulfilled.”
It said that DAK has always been against protests as patient care is our worship and of utmost duty,“but seeing the dead end of the hopeless tunnel we are left with no option but to agitate so to highlight our demands for redressal”.
“We are protesting to highlight our list of demands along with highlighting grave pay anomaly and availing gazetted holidays as it should be. Neither the doctors have been kept in ay band 3rd as per the past commission recommendations nor as being witnessed in other parts of the country nor we being given any extra emoluments for the extra challenging duties we do. From the history of pay bands it has observed that in J & K, the doctors enjoyed the higher pay bands as is evident from the previous records but with the passage of time it was relegated to lower pay bands for unknown reason as a result of this relegation the doctors of this noble profession feel humiliated and even has lead to the brain drain .This is against the ethics of being an employee and defies all labour laws,” said Dr SuhailNaik, president DAK.
“Doctors will from now onwards avail gazetted holidays barring the medical emergencies and casualty sections of every hospital. There is no rule where it is written that a doctor has to give extra duty without being given any perks that too when there pay band has already been demoted,” Naiksaid.
“Finance Minister AltafBukhari while declaring 7th Pay commission has recommended that a government employee should work not more than 40 hours a week. Duty hours of medical officers/dental surgeons range from 50 to 60hours a week while that of consultants range from 65 to 75 hours per week,” he said.
“The newly elected DAK president has already met Health Minister Bali Bhagat, Ex Finance MinisterHaseebDrabu along with all other officers at Secretariat and Directorate level, but unfortunately there seems no hope of seeing our issues being heard or resolved,” Naik said.
DAK requests Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to intervene and frame high level committee so as to look into their genuine demands.
DAK warns the government that if they come with a stipulated time bound action plan in resolving the issues,“then they are left with no option but to launch a state wide agitation”.
“We are giving six weeks’ time to the government to full fill our demands or we will proceed with state-wide strike,” DAK said.