11th annual Shahi Jeelan conference held at Shadipora

11th annual Shahi Jeelan conference held at Shadipora
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SRINAGAR: A three-day annual conference organised at Trigam Shadipora in Bandipora district to commemorate the life and work of Shahi Jeelan, organized by Karwan-e-Islami Tehreek, ended on Sunday.
The conference was attended by thousands of devotees from all parts of Kashmir. Several international religious scholars also attended the conference.
Apart from Quraan khawaani and naat khawaani, scholars delivered inspiring and thought provoking speeches on Islam, faith and teachings of Prophet Mohammad (SAW).
Scholars stressed that Islamic teachings were “very much relevant in this modern and scientific age”.
They highlighted the teachings of Prophet (SAW) and appealed the people to follow the teachings in letter and spirit, which they said was the only solution to human sufferings.
They said that aulia kiram have always shown the path of truth, brotherhood and tolerance, which was why the aulia travelled thousands of miles to reach the people and apprise them about the teachings of Islam and Prophet (SAW).
Renowned scholar Sheikh Syed Ahmad Mehmood Hassan Shareef Al- Hussaini, Ashazali of Jamia Azhar Egypt said such conferences are helpful in spreading the message of Islam and love towards Awlia Kiram.
“I am pleased to see that people of Kashmir are God fearing, and have love for Islam,and the aulia,” he said. Ameer of Tehreek Karwaan Islami, Moulana Haami appealed the people to stand united in carrying forward the mission of aulia kiram.
Hami said that it is high time to ensure Muslims of Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Kashmir stand untied and demand their rights for the resolution of issues they are confronted with.
Some of the scholars who spoke in the conference include Maulana Sagir Ahmad Johan Puri, Maulana Mufti Muhammed Haneef Khan Nagori, Moulana Wali Mohd Rizvi, Moulana Sheikh Ajaz Ahmad Qadir.