USG facility without a radiologist at Chrari Sharief hospital

USG facility without a radiologist at Chrari Sharief hospital
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Junaid Dar

Charar-i-Sharief: An Ultrasonography facility installed at sub-district hospital in this town is almost lying defunct in absence of radiologist prompting patients of over dozen villages to rely on private clinics or government hospitals in other area.
The high resolution-imaging machine used for scanning internal body structures was installed in the hospital almost a decade ago. So far the facility, however, has seen no radiologist prompting the hospital authorities to run it through doctors who lack specialisation in radiology, twice a week.
Charar-I- Sharief Block medical officer Dr Mastoora Iqbal admitted that they have no radiologist available.
“I don’t have radiologist post in my hospital but a few of my trained doctors perform it for two days in the hospital. For rest of the days patients move to Chadoora and district hospitals in Budgam to get the tests done,” she told Kashmir Reader.
The lack of radiologist has left people in the town agitated. They question the rationale behind installing the facility without a radiologist as they suffer in absence of the USG facility.
“I want to ask government that if they have given facility to the hospital then why there is no technical staff in the hospital to run the facility,” said Nazir Ahmad, a patient from Pakherpora village, who did the USG at a private clinic. “I fail to understand why so much money is spent over these things which do not benefit masses,” he added.
A group of people, Kashmir Reader talked to, agreed with Nazir saying they are compelled to move to Sub-district hospital Chadoora or to some private clinic in emergency situation for medical examinations.
Budgam’s Chief Medical Officer Dr G M Dar too acknowledged the lack of radiologist in the Char-e-Sharief hospital saying he has taken up the issue with the his higher-ups.
“We are trying our best to get more trained radiologists in our district to run this facility at sub-district hospitals,” adding “I am working hard to get this problem sorted out as soon as possible”.