Heaps of garbage lie on Baramulla roads, municipality in slumber, people suffer

Heaps of garbage lie on Baramulla roads, municipality in slumber, people suffer
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BARAMULLA: The residents and shopkeepers of the main town Baramulla are up in arms against the local municipal committee for failing to ensure proper sanitisation in the area.
According to locals, Municipal Committee Baramulla is not doing anything to shift the heaps of garbage which keep lying on main road for several days. They said even the drains have been polluted due to the accumulation of waste products in it.
“We complained to municipal authorities several times but they don’t seem to be bothered at all,” Mohammad Shafi, a shopkeeper at main town Baramulla told Kashmir Reader, adding, “There are some irresponsible people in the (municipality) department who don’t care about the environmental hazards these garbage chunks pose.”
Bashir Ahmad, a local, said that people of the area are suffering immensely as the garbage mounds present after every a few hundred metres have become a haven for stray dogs.
“The canine threat has made our life a hell. We face difficulty while venturing out particularly in wee hours. Many a times the school going children were chased by stray dogs. If any untoward happens, the municipal department would be responsible,” Bashir said.
The residents are also worried about the health issues. “The foul smell emanating from the garbage is both embarrassing as well as hazardous to health. Why don’t authorities shift the waste material on time, are they waiting for an epidemic to break out?” a group of women who had assembled on street said.
They said the waste material even gets stuck in the broken water pipes in the area leading to their blockage. “This is yet another issue. The drainage system in Baramulla town is failed which has also polluted the River Jhelum but still, the authorities act as mute spectators,” the locals said.
“There should be a scientific treatment of the waste,” the shopkeepers of the town said.