Appalling, Disgusting and Predatory

Appalling, Disgusting and Predatory
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A young girl who has taking tuition from a 30 year old teacher has apparently been raped by this man. Intriguingly and sordidly, this ghastly incident comes in the wake of the Kathua rape murder. When, the question is, will we, wake up to the nature of this ghastly, sordid and beastly crime that takes place under the surface of society. Invariably, it may be added that the victims of this crime are the most vulnerable strata and segment of society, that is, children, especially girls. In general terms, rape is such a sordid and beastly crime, that it scars and debilitates its victim(s) for the rest of their lives. There are also social stigmas associated with this despite the obvious fact that it is no fault of the victim, by any stretch of imagination, to have been a victim of this dastardly crime. If rape can debilitate and scar an adult, it is a statement of the obvious to posit that it actually ruins and destroys the lives of child victims. In terms of the rape incident in contention here, the insalubrious fact might be that while this incident came to light, there might be many cases of this nature that actually never see the light of the day. There are cautionary lessons from all this that society must learn and absorb. One is that we need to recognize and own up to the ills that lurk under the society. By owning up is meant that we must recognize there are bad, evil and perverted people in our society who can do anything. Once this is recognized, the next measure is to actually weed these ill people out from decent society and relegate them to the margins to the extent possible. But, most important, we must protect our children from the viles and snares of evil. This might be best done by educating our children about both the nature of this particular evil and render our children alert to it. The best guides, in this respect, would be parents who can alert their children to look for cues and signals that can give away a potential predator. Last, but not the least, the unfortunate victims of this evil, must be owned by society; not looked down upon. They must be counseled and made to feel as normal and valued members of the broader society as a whole. The escalating incidents of rape in the region must save as a wake up call for all of us, make us shake us from our slumber and take preemptive and preventative measures to protect out children.

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