Yasin Malik arrested, alleges assault by police

Yasin Malik arrested, alleges assault by police
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SRINAGAR: Police on Saturday arrested Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik when he was on way to Jamia Masjid Srinagar to lead a peaceful protest there, JKLF said.
A party spokesperson in a statement issued here said, “Police near Gousia hospital Khanyar stopped the vehicle that Yasin Malik was driving and SP Sajad straightaway started showering choicest abuses on JKLF chairman and the whole resistance movement. He was endlessly calling resistance camp as terrorists and threatening to kill them all.”
Malik objected to SP’s misbehaviour and asked him to show some control and sense but there was no stopping to his hooliganism, the spokesperson said, adding he (SP) ordered his uniformed men to attack Yasin Malik and they obliged and assaulted JKLF chairman, injured him and virtually dragged him to police station Khanyar where from he along with another JKLF leader Bashir Kashmiri were been shifted to police station Kothi Bagh.
Terming the assault on Malik as “an act of naked hooliganism”, JKLF spokesperson said this shows the criminal mindset of police.
“When police can publicly abuse and assault a well known person in broad day light what will be their behaviour towards common citizens especially the youth who are tangled in their clutches,” he said, adding that such behaviour of police is pushing Kashmiris to the wall and hence promoting violence.
JKLF also ridiculed the “absurd” police version about the assault in which police said that it was checking the papers of vehicles and did not attack Malik.
“This statement in itself is a glaring proof of police mockery which is going on in Kashmir for the last three decades. Police assaulted Yasin sahib in front of hundreds of people who were present at the spot, among whom many made videos of that too,” the spokesperson said.
“Ironically, SP from police station Khanyar and his junior officers along with SDPO P/S Kothi Bagh and SHO P/S Maisuma were all deployed together to check the papers of vehicles in place of traffic police that too at Khanyar. (These are) the same kind of lies that police are used to spread after killing innocents and oppressing common citizens and this ugly practice has been going on for the last three decades now.”
Condemning the “police highhandedness”, JKLF spokesperson said, “Kashmiris are resisting oppression and aggression and no power on earth can suppress their voices or force them into submission.”