Why India, Pak can’t shun hostility like Koreans, asks Er Rasheed

Why India, Pak can’t shun hostility like Koreans, asks Er Rasheed
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SRINAGAR: Asking India and Pakistan to take lessons from the leadership of Korean peninsula, Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate Er Rahseed on Saturday said that confrontation will leave both countries nowhere.
Addressing a series of public meetings in Handwara, Rasheed according to a statement issued here, said the historic meet between the heads of North Korea and South Korea has left a message for the entire world that hostility and animosity takes nowhere and issues can be resolved only through meaningful dialogue and respecting each other’s sentiments.
He said if the heads of states of North Korea and South Korea can meet after seventy years and take a pledge to make a new beginning benefitting the entire mankind, why cannot India and Pakistan do the same.
“The realization for peace among these two countries has proved yet again that wars can never be won. Even the nuclear weapons are of no use and it is respecting each other’s sovereignty, resolving long-pending disputes and working for the benefit of mankind which are the basic principles to make nations prosperous,” he said.
The independent MLA said not only the leadership of Korean peninsula but that of Palestinians and Israelis despite all bitterness are deeply engaged to reach an agreement.
“Not only Kashmiris but (the) people of the subcontinent have right to know why cannot India and Pakistan live in peace by giving Kashmiris (the) right to self-determination so that they can collectively fight against poverty and illiteracy and also play a big role in the entire world scenario,” Rasheed said.