Victims of Apathy

Victims of Apathy
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The pellet victims of Kashmir, usually young boys and, at times girls too are not only victims of fury but also apathy. This constitutes a travesty for these victims are scarred for life, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Instead of rehabilitation, assistance and support of varied kinds, Kashmir’s pellet victims are left to the sufferance of indifference. There are no plans or systems in place to help these victims to deal with or overcome their traumas. The onus for their rehabilitation falls on society, at large. Being remiss here, especially by way of omission, might even constitute neglect of duty of care. Society is not bound by fiduciary duty nor does it have legal obligations to take care of these victims but ethics and empathy warrant that society, as a while, fills the lacuna. Being a pellet victim, especially when the injuries are severe, first, entails a huge financial burden on the families of victims. Oftentimes, the victims are unable to afford these costs; they then linger or even wallow in the grey zone of being uncared care and their injuries, when these are serious, untreated. There are intangible costs too in the form of psychological and emotional traumas; no cases have come to light where these victims have been afforded psychological and emotional support and care. Added up, all this means that victims of pellet fury are, to repeat, left at the sufferance of their condition induced by apathy. The question is: how can they be actually helped and cared for? The first and foremost step is that society needs to own up the issues and problems of pellet victims; second, means and mechanisms could be devised that can constitute financial aid to the victims. In the final analysis, money matters and want of money can leave debilitating injuries for life, or even worse. Kashmir and Kashmiris are renowned for their empathetic nature but merely articulating empathy and sympathy amount to hollow words unless there is tangible follow up in the form of real and tangible efforts to rehabilitate and assist not only pellet victims but also the less privileged and unfortunate members of society. It is then about time that we, as a decent society, walk the talk and remain true to the ideals and ethos of our religion, culture and society, by demonstrating real empathy. We owe it to ourselves and the unfortunate, the less privileged and those who become the victims of conflict.

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