NIT re-engaging retired PA repeatedly since 2013

NIT re-engaging retired PA repeatedly since 2013
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Srinagar: The National Institute of Technology, Srinagar has re-engaged a person, who retired as PA to director, repeatedly since 2013, and even as his fifth term expired on March 31, 2018 on attaining 65 years of age, he continues to work on the post.
Sources in the NIT suspect that officials are in the process of extending his term again on some pretext as has happened over the past five years.
According to sources, P L Sapru was engaged on contractual basis for 11 months after his retirement in 2013. The term was extended on March 1, 2014 by another 11 months, and then again on Feb 2, 2015.
In the meantime his remuneration for the contact job was increased from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000.
On Jan 1, 2016, he was reengaged, this time as a “consultant”, for another 11 months, though he continued to serve as a PA.
The engagement was renewed on Dec 1, 2016, this time the expiry date set for attainment of 65 years of age i.e on March 31, 2018. Sapru, however continues to work, beyond the term.
“In the case of P L Sapru no rule has been followed. An approval has been sought on a note, from Chairman BOG, and order has been issued in violation of all rules and norms and thus the person has been fraudulently re-engaged after his retirement,” the source said.
He added that his engagement as consultant was done by flouting all the norms and rules given in GFR-2005.
“Firstly, it is hard to understand what expertise P L Sapru has on the basis of which he can be hired as consultant. He is just a 10th pass and not even a graduate and his engagement as consultant is beyond anybody’s comprehension,” sources said.
The arbitrary re-employment and frequent extensions given to Sapru have created frustration among the employees of NIT Srinagar
“This has put the exchequer to huge financial loss amounting to more than Rs. 30, 00,000/- and more importantly has adversely affected the careers and promotional prospects of many talented and capable employees. This has also created a wrong precedence against the laid down norms and regulations,” another official of the department said wishing anonymity.
He said, that the authorities need to be made accountable under rules, and all benefits enjoyed by Sapru be withdrawn.
“All the money and allowances paid to him after his retirement should be recovered from him and he should be tried in the court of law for fraud and deceit. It is to be noted that an embezzlement case had been initiated against P L Sapru before as well in Camp classes Jammu for which a committee headed by Prof. I. K. Pandita was constituted and the fraud was proved against him. That case was also hushed up,” another source added.
Director NIT, Rakesh Sehgal told Kashmir Reader that he has been on the post for four months and thus not aware of the case.
“Now what will happen that will be as per rule, the file is still there it has not come back to me,” Sehgal said. “Till I see the file I cannot say anything about this issue.”
Register, Nisar Ahmad , said that they are searching for a suitable person. “We have to relocate a person which is in our department, we cannot hire outside person for the post,” Ahmad said.
As per office memorandum No. 26012/6/2002-Estt. (A), dated 9 Dec 2002 “F.R. 56(d) states that no Government servant shall be granted extension of service beyond the age of 60 years. Therefore, it must be ensured that no Ministry/Department should propose to grant extension in service unless the case is covered by the Rules”.
The circular says that, “No proposal for employing a government servant beyond the age of superannuation of 60 years shall be considered. It is also clarified that no person can be appointed/ reappointed to Central Government service after the age of superannuation of 60 years through contract”.