Pampore school becomes drainage dump courtesy BDO

Pampore school becomes drainage dump courtesy BDO
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Pampore: Due to the poor planning of the local Block Development Office, a drain passing through Government Primary School, Samboora, Pampore, has been let into the school compound, turning it a pool of standing water, especially during rains.
The drainage was constructed from the Herpora habitation and ends at the school compound, releasing all its sewage into the grounds.
Teachers at the school told Kashmir Reader that the drain was constructed last year by order of the Block Development Officer (BDO), Pampore. Besides construction of the drain, a piece of land next to it was also filled by orders of the same official to a level above the school compound, thus choking the way for the water to be manually drained out.
“It is pathetic that the concerned BDO did not mind the repercussions of the construction, and his order of filling government land near the school rather showed his malicious designs,” said a teacher, adding that the teachers had even told the said official about the level of filling.
He said that on rainy days, they either close down the school or have to enter it through the building’s windows as the school’s main entry remains inaccessible due to the accumulation of knee-high waters before it.
“We have had to climb the fence and enter the school through its windows as the main gate was in more than two feet of water,” he said.
The teacher told Kashmir Reader that he has even taken up the issue with his higher ups but nothing so far has fructified and the students as well as the staff continue to suffer.
He further added that after the water that floods the compound recedes, the place stinks and could some day prove disastrous for the health of the staff as well as the students.
Zonal Education Officer, Pampore, G A Dar told Kashmir Reader that the water had dried up and the school compound was soon to be filled.
“It was all the fault of the BDO who filled a piece of government land that choked the release of water which then accumulates in the compound,” he said, adding that the school compound would soon be filled and levelled to the land around it.
Chief Education Officer, Pulwama, Ghulam Mohammad Saloora told Kashmir Reader that he did not know anything about it.
“I will inspect the school and would order filling of the school premises immediately,” he said