Tuition centres resume work, ‘encounter no issue’

Tuition centres resume work, ‘encounter no issue’
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SRINAGAR: The state government’s verbal order to shut down private coaching and tuition centres for school students was openly defied on Tuesday, and the government did not take action against any of the centres.
President of the Private Coaching Centre Association (PCCA), Junaid Yousif, told Kashmir Reader that tuition centres resumed work as usual on Tuesday and all students attended the classes.
“The classes functioned normally. We encountered no issue,” Yousif said. “On Monday, we had shut the centres as a protest against the government dictate, not as a compliance with it.”
Junaid said the work was resumed because the government had not given them any orders in writing. He said the statement of the education minister reported in the media had been the only news of such an order. “The PCCA was not communicated anything directly by the minister,” he said.
“We also met officers at the directorate (of school education) office and asked for the order copy. We were told that there is none,” Junaid said.
He added that the education minister’s order was the government’s attempt to prevent the cycle of student protests which has erupted many times in the past 50 days.