Kathua Rape Murder: Climax of the Politics of Hate and Polarization?

Kathua Rape Murder: Climax of the Politics of Hate and Polarization?
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Adil Rashid Bhatt

To put the Kathua rape murder into a grounder perspective, consider a counter factual: Imagine, for a moment, a Hindu girl, raped by a ‘Muslim head priest’ ,his son , sibling and others for a few days in a purportedly holy place after sedating her with drugs and the reaction of the Indian media houses, particularly those that have an agenda to tarnish the image of Indian Muslims. Those who are endeavouring to compare the brutal gang rape and murder of the innocent Kathua rape murder victim in Rasana village of the district with other rapes occurring almost daily in the length and breadth of India are living in a fool’s paradise or can be simply called as novices of J&K politics.
The gang rape cum murder of the little angel is politically motivated and those who have meticulously executed this horrendous crime belong to that section of the political spectrum which has always exposed vitriolic anti Muslim ideology; this is hidden to nobody. And, this possibly explains the endeavours that are being manoeuvred to somehow save the wretched culprits from the clutches of justice. Every effort, all resources are being utilized by those adhering to this particular venomous ideology, to render the case null and void , engineer delays in the trial ,and brush the state police as Anti Hindu. From the start of this brutal rape cum murder saga, when arrests in the case were made, communally charged people blinded in the crucible hate and prejudice took to streets and in connivance with some local politicians – patronizing the ideology of people- endeavoured to save the accused personnel.
The role of regional media and, locally, in charge some police personnel also had been ignominious to their respective institutes. The so called nationalist media of India woke up to this gruesome crime after three months when the crime branch of the Kashmir police finally concluded its probe and submitted the charge sheet which reveals grisly and gruesome details of the crime-almost known to everyone now, particularly in the whole subcontinent. Usually, police and media tend to side with victims of a crime but, in this very case, nothing like that was seen as the culprits were known to the local in charge police personnel who had taken a fat amount from the main accused- a retired revenue official- to brush away the crime under the carpet ( but, more to the point, how could people drunk in the wine of bigotry and hate show humanity to the victim). For them she was a ‘dirty Muslim bakerwal girl’ from a backward community out to encroach upon their territory and banish them from their “due” land. ( What else explains the denial of the burial to the little innocent girl in her own village?).
Let us, for the sake of argument, for a moment, agree that the little angel’s community was nomadic , with no particular address, or land share; but ,how can a human being irrespective of caste ,creed ,race or religion deny a fellow human being burial?! Did not this denial of the fundamental right to the victim shake their conscience?! And, who is the victim: an eight year old girl from a hapless community mired in ultimate penury? Have we, as human beings, stooped to such a level to even denigrate and dishonour dead bodies of children?
Now, the pertinent question here , which ought to be debated by conscious people of the world, is: why did people including a section of the media l and lawyers of the Jammu bar association come on roads to vouch the innocence of the accused criminals who have been recently charge sheeted by the crime branch of the J&K police? We don’t see such attitude of this very section of shameless media and lawyers anywhere in the civilized world. In fact , if today , a Muslim is caught by any special police force of the country , without charge sheet, a court hearing and judgement, the grandiose archons cum protectors of the Indian judiciary , that is, the Indian media outlets, irrespective of ideological predilections describe that accused Muslim as a terrorists And at the end of the story ,that very accused Muslim is honourably exonerated but the court of law. This has happened on many occasions. Those who don’t suffer from ‘short term memory loss’ remember all. Why then a particular media house, which has quite often exhibited this anti Muslim prejudice, endorses demand of the charge sheeted accused and tacitly supports them?! (Mind you this is the same media house which has time and again adulated the Kashmir Police for its “impeccable” service to the country. Then, how can it cast aspersions on such a nationalist police force now?! )
The reason is all these tacit corroborators of the accused people espouse that very venomous and outcaste ideology which held by the accused persons. And, it seems flatulent to many of their ideological surrogates how could a village head or priest exploit a religious place for such horrific crime. When a human being is possessed by beastly instincts/soul, he or she becomes blind to compassion and mercy, oblivious to truth, and fails to distinguish between right and, good and evil! How defeating it may sound but this is the reality! The little angel is also a victim of the same ideology of hate and blatant prejudice.
The perverts of the likes of Rasana Kathua take inspiration from the morally and ethically bankrupt and follow their depravity with true letter and spirit. These thuggish leaders are as much party to the little angel’s rape and murder as are those beasts charge sheeted in the case. The fate of 2013 ‘Muzaffar nagar riots’ gan grape victims is known to all and dozens of lynching cases are hanging in air. All these noble politicians and some unscrupulous elements in India draw inspiration directly from their ideologues.
All crimes of this nature are politically motivated and encouraged as well, as the criminals have an inkling and belief that they will get away with it. But, when a state fails to restrain and rein in foul-mouthed politicians whose tongues are laced with venom and instead embraces and promotes them ,we can safely conclude that this taciturnity reeks of the states complicity in such inhuman and ignominious crimes. In a nutshell, the little angel in contention is a victim of the politics of hate -sternly and strenuously manufactured over the years which constitute a retrogression of India and undoing of its civilization.

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