Kashmiris know the meaning of ‘Azadi’: DFP to Dulat

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SRINAGAR: Reacting sharply to the fresh utterance of former RAW chief A S Dulat in which he said that “the freedom Kashmiri people want actually means an accommodation within India”, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP)on Tuesday said Dulat “is in fact upset ever since his retirement”.
“He was expecting a re-engagement from the government of India however when his expectations did not come true he started issuing statements only to remain in news,” a DFP spokesperson said in a statement issued here.
The former Indian spy clearly knows what Kashmiri people mean by saying ‘Azadi’ but playing cleverly and giving a message as if he alone knows the psyche of Kashmiri people, Dulat is trying to befool the government of India to get a job from it, he said.
“Dulat and company well know the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed region and the people living in it demand the right to self determination as promised by India and endorsed by the whole world so that they can determine their political future,” party said.
This is the only “crime” for which the country of Dulat has made the lives of Kashmiri people hell, the spokesperson said. “We are being massacred, raped, jailed, maimed, thrashed, dishonoured and what not but despite every oppression, Kashmiris well know the meaning of Azadi and are well aware of the fact that how people like Dulat used to divide Kashmiris when they were assigned to do so.”
“The irony is that these elements have not stopped to try to break the Kashmiri people but a lot of water has come down the Jhelum and people in our part of the world have become aware of each and every imperialistic tactic,” he added.
Dulat has rightly stated that “Kashmiris want honour, dignity and most of all, justice” and we want to make it clear that all this can be possible only by means of accepting the right to self-determination of the people living in the disputed region, DFP said.
Party made clear upon Dulat that the time of making promises with Kashmiri people has gone. “Now Kashmiri people do not want any ‘accommodation’ but the right to self-determination; so no more deceptive politics please!” the DFP spokesperson said.