WTI, wildlife dept celebrate Earth Day

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BARAMULLA: Wildlife Trust of India in collaboration with Department of Wildlife Protection (J&K) organised a day-long wildlife awareness event for schoolchildren here on Monday.

Organised under the banner of WTI’s Markhor Conservation Project, the event, part of an ongoing series of conservation awareness events, was held at Government High school Limber in Baramulla. Five schools in and around the Limber Wildlife Sanctuary participated in the event, read a handout.

The event comprised an inter-school quiz on the importance of wildlife conservation. The underlying goal: inculcating and encouraging much-needed natural heritage awareness among members of the next generation, making them stakeholders in wildlife conservation.

Speaking on the occasion, Riyaz Ahmad, Project Head WTI (J&K) said, “Conservation demands that we as a nation rise beyond tokenism and symbolism,” further adding that “do our parents and teachers need to be remembered only on some selected days? Should not we be grateful to them every day of our life? The same is true for Mother Nature”.