Communal Harmony: Neighbours respond to Pandit family’s plea for help

Communal Harmony: Neighbours respond to Pandit family’s plea for help
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PULWAMA: A Kashmiri Pandit living in Murran village of Pulwama district is thankful to his Muslim neighbours who responded to his plea for monetary assistance for her ailing wife.
Bansi Lal Butt’s wife is suffering from kidney failure and has to undergo frequent dialysis for the rest of this life.
Bansi Lal posted a message on Facebook a fortnight ago, requesting for help, as he was unable to meet the treatment expenses of his wife, Tosha.
He stated that he has spent Rupees 6 lakh on her treatment and was running short of money to continue.
The residents of Murran, he said, quickly responded to his message to provide monetary help.
Bansi Lal, a retired teacher is living a modest life in a single storey house in Murran village, where around 100 Pandit families used to live before the outbreak of militancy in Kashmir. Most of them left Kashmir in the 90’s, leaving five Pandit families in the village, including Bansi Lal’s, who decided to stay put.
Bansi Lal’s elder son also left for Jammu, however, his younger son, Sanjay, who is unemployed is living with him.
Sanjay is married and has a two years old child.
The landless family has to manage household requirements on Bansi Lal’s monthly pension, which he says is insufficient to meet the requirements.
He said he was living a smooth life until her wife was detected with diabetes eight years ago.
“Somehow, I would manage things with my pension but since 2016, when my wife was put on dialysis it became diffuclt to meet the expenditure of medicines and other equipments,” he said, adding that he was compelled by circumstances to ask his Muslim brothers for help.
He said that his wife needs nearly ten turns of dialysis a month which cost him around Rs 40,000.
“I am highly thankful to my Muslim brothers that they don’t let me down,” he said, adding that people from Murran, Kangan, Dadoora and Rajpopra helped him.
Tosha, who is writing in pain, prayed for her Muslim brothers.
“If I am alive today it is because of their help,” she said, praying for their long life and the long life of brotherhood between the communities.
However, Tosha is on life long-dialysis, and require further help to meet the expenses.