Coaching centres to defy govt ‘dictate’

Coaching centres to defy govt ‘dictate’
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SRINAGAR: The Private Coaching Centre Association (PCCA) on Monday said tuition and coaching centres for school students will resume work from Tuesday, in defiance of the government order to shut them down for 90 days.
Talking to reporters, PCCA President Junaid Yousif said that all tuition and coaching centres will function because the government has issued a diktat without consulting anyone and against the interests of thousands of students.
“The dictate is illogical and was issued in a hurry. We as an association have decided to open our centres because there is no formal order and no clarity about it,” he said.
Education Minister Altaf Bukhari on Sunday said that private coaching centres have been a distraction for students and will be shut for 90 days. He made these remarks after holding a meeting of education officials and school principals.
The PCCA had said yesterday that it will challenge the government’s order in the High Court. Junaid said they have changed the decision because no formal order has come to them from the government.
Junaid also said that they tried to start consultations with higher-ups in the government about the student protests but received a cold response.
Junaid said that the words the education minister used for coaching centres – ‘distraction”, “money-minting shops” – were condemnable and unfortunate.
“Instead of recognising our contribution, such defamatory and irresponsible statements made by government authorities do a disservice and discourage the genuine effort of young entrepreneurs. The first step in a consultative process is the recognition of work done by various parties. The government authorities should make it a point that usage of generic sweeping statements in relation to coaching Institutes should be stopped,” he said.