Short Term and Sub Optimal

Short Term and Sub Optimal
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Education, across space and time, in every context, permutation and combination, is an imperative. This assertion holds a searing resonance in a place like Kashmir, riven as it is by conflict and conflictual conditions thereof which inevitably affect the momentum and delivery of education. The conflict, as far as the eye can see, will remain a constant in Kashmir. In lieu of this structural condition, all methods must be exhausted so that our youth get the education they need as seamlessly as possible. But, this does not and should not mean that the administration makes the choice(s) stake for the students of Kashmir as it appears to have done by ordering a closure of tuition centres for three months. The implications of this directive are clear: to get an education, students have to attend classes, schools and colleges. This is an element of paternalism to this directive. Yes, students must not lose momentum in the delivery and absorption of education, but other measures should have been explored and exhausted. For instance, technology adoption in the delivery and imparting of education could be one viable alternative to overcome the constraints that inhere in conditions here could have been one measure that could have been explored. Undoubtedly, this is a long term measure or solution but given the constancy of the conflictual conditions for the foreseeable future, only long term solutions lend themselves as viable options for the seamless delivery of education in Kashmir. Moreover, albeit on an unrelated note, some degree of tuition and coaching beyond classrooms acts as an effective surrogate for the poor nature of education delivered and imparted here. How will this be compensated? Will teaching and pedagogy suddenly become more effective, efficient and productive suddenly? No is the obvious answer. Other measures that are more thoughtful and are long term that actually is a win win solution must be devised. There might be places across the world which have similar attributes, in terms of conditions that obtain in Kashmir and there, that can be explored and attempted to be transposed here. Or, integration of technology into the education process is one measure that can be instituted. In the final analysis, to repeat, education is an imperative and its deprivation, no matter what the context and condition, is a travesty whose implications and consequences can have a ripple effect across generations. It is therefore about time that prudent, effective, efficient and workable long term solutions be found for the sake of our young.

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