Kathua Rape Murder: Why Double Standards?

Kathua Rape Murder: Why Double Standards?
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The heart rending tragedy of an 8-year old girl from Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, has all of a sudden become the most important topic all over the media circles across India and elsewhere. This tragic episode is the epitome of the collapsing humanity, morality and ethics of the society we live in. Some three months back, this innocent child fell prey to the lust of some beasts who, as investigations revealed, intended to create the terror among the semi nomadic Muslim community. No doubt, unfortunately, children are vulnerable to sexual abuse all over the world, but sexual abuse of such intention was yet unknown to the world, where the innocence of this child was trampled after being drugged, starved, raped and abducted for a week in a temple.
What is startling is that all media channels have started running the story all of a sudden now, after awakening from a deep slumber of three months. Needless to mention, their sudden awakening justifies the much popular epigram that “It is better to be late than never”. It is intriguing to note that the champions of human rights, activists, media and conscious keepers of India didn’t find it as important as Nirbhaya when the whole country stood by the victim. Why similar dispensation for Kathua victim makes them dumb all these months? Why were they insensitive and unconcerned towards this issue for 3-months? Why there were two standards of justice here? How could these pseudo-nationalists forget that India is a generally tabooed topic in the world when it comes to rapes and sexual abuse?
The Kathua rape murder case is just a tip of an iceberg. Were they unmindful of the fact that world is watching and a new discourse has already begun regarding the elevation of such Crimes in India? In Kashmir, every heart bled for Nirbhaya and the countless other souls that have fallen prey to such crimes. But, we , Kashmiris also like to know why we were being shut out, and why this outrage took them three long months?
The pathetic, obnoxious and silly aspect of this tragedy was that an organization under the communal patronage of their masters came in to support and tried to polarize the community by playing a religious card. Besides, the majority of Lawyers from the Bar Association Jammu joined hand in glove with these goons of some self-styled Hindu Ekta Munch and called for Jammu bandh. They also tried to prevent the Crime Branch officers from filing a charge sheet in the court on 9th April. Every conscientious person wants to know that why the supporters of these criminals are insensitive towards the fact that the victim was merely 8-years old. Instead of a word of sympathy and condemnation, they still defend the perpetrators of this crime. Does it mean that the supporters of this organization believe what was sinful for Nirbhaya looks quite virtuous for the Kathua rape murder victim?
It is worrisome that this organization along with lawyers are trying to defend these beasts by playing pressure tactics and demanding the case to be shifted to CBI and more importantly, to justify their communal agenda, they added the issue of illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi settlements in Jammu to balance this heinous crime. How will CBI enquiry be taken as Gospel of truth is a matter to think over seriously?
How can one forget the role of this agency played in Shopian double murder case where they certified the deaths due to drowning and who are believed to be partisan in our state after that incident. The same people glorify the J&K police for their professionalism, worth and patriotism when they are at forefront of any counterinsurgency and why they are now suspecting them. Undoubtedly, SIT & Crime branch of J&K Police played a marvelous role in revealing the truth within a record time; this is applauded by all unprejudiced citizens of the state and country.
The extraordinary courage of her Advocate Deepika Rajawat who resisted the intimidation of communal forces and concern of some Bollywood celebrities, sportsmen besides some sensitive souls give hope that humanity still exists. It is time now to say ‘never again’ and create a comprehensive plan like that of the Middle East to counter such crimes. Speedy justice is expected and nothing less than public hanging will satisfy the collective conscience of people so that others learn a lesson.
It is a test of touchstone for the Government not to succumb to the pressure of these black sheep who are a slur on humanity.. The decision of making a fast track court will definitely yield some good fruits in future for the party and a rejuvenation of trust among its own people to some extent.

—The author is from Bandipora. He can be reached at: maliknazir.a@gmail.com