I am Her. Don’t Politicize my Murder and Stop Abusing me Any Further!

I am Her. Don’t Politicize my Murder and Stop Abusing me Any Further!
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By Fida Hussain

I am her, the 8 year old girl who was raped and murdered brutally. I was a blossoming flower in the green meadows. My tormentors crossed all the limits of brutality. I was drugged. I was beaten. I was starved. I was raped repeatedly. They devastated my soul, my dreams. They were the predators. They looked like humans. Those predators shattered my skull with a mighty stone. I was starring in their eyes. All I could see was hate. Just hate. My tender soul was leaving my body with every passing second. I could hear the monstrous laughter. My eyes closed. I was dead. All the pain that was inflicted on me got away. I am now lying in my grave now.
My rape and murder was condemned, by everyone, everywhere. I was not pained so much when the human vultures tore me apart. What pain me more are the events that have unfolded after my death. My rape and murder have been politicized, as brutally as I was murdered. Some people in power are rallying in favour of my murderers. Some People choked and obstructed the roads to my justice. I don’t know them. I heard that they are called “Guardians of Justice”. They murdered the hope that common people have in the law of the land. My rape and murder is being debated in the studios of TV Channels. The people with mighty voices on TV are screaming their throat out for their own interests. Some TV channels are trying to change the narrative of the whole episode to support the perpetrators. Attempts are being made to snowball my rape n murder into a communal war. My family has been forced to leave our home. Political parties are blaming each other for rapes. I have become a source of vote bank for the politicians. I am being used as an instrument of hate speeches. My rape and murder have turned into a war of words to shield the culprits. Everyone is trying to settle their own scores under the garb of providing me with justice.
I don’t expect justice. I don’t expect my tormentors to be punished. Justice will be done. If not here, then in the Hereafter. But I have a request. Don’t politicize my rape and murder. Don’t fight in the name of justice. Don’t communalize my rape and murder. Spare me and my family from becoming a vote bank. Initiate the steps so that more like me are not strangled before they bloom. Don’t torment me more. Let my family live in peace. Let me rest in peace!

—The author is P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism. He can be reached at: f.hussain01234@gmail.com