Engage in resolution and shun confrontation: JKDFP to India

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SRINAGAR: Expressing anguish over the fresh arrests of youth in Pulwama, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Saturday said such tactics are “imperialistic” in nature and bound to fail before the valour of people. The party impressed upon New Delhi to follow the path of reconciliation instead of provocation.
Party spokesperson in a statement while condemning the arrests said that to protest is a democratic right of every citizen and snatching this right would further push the youth to wall. “The arrests also impact the educational career of the youth as police always book them under fake charges hence pave the way for extreme steps from the disgruntled youngsters,” he said.
JKDFP while reiterating the policy of its incarcerated chief Shabir Shah stressed upon New Delhi to engage in resolution and reconciliation and shun confrontation for all times to come.
“Instead of taking steps of reconciliation, New Delhi is on path of confrontation which has already polluted the political environment of the disputed region. To clear the atmosphere of mistrust and hate it is of utmost importance to take some practical measures in order to build confidence of the people which can lead to the resolution process,” the statement said.
“We Kashmiris as the basic party to the dispute firmly believe that confrontation never bears positive fruits and has always consumed resources. We all are living in an age which demands settlement of disputes so that people can enjoy their lives as they wish,” the spokesperson said. “Political ladder is must to be followed to resolve the political disputes like Kashmir so arresting people, ignoring their rights, denying basic principles of democracy to them and speaking militarily always suffocates the air thus closes the doors of resolution.”