Cluster University students protest against fee hike

Cluster University students protest against fee hike
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SRINAGAR: The M.Ed students of Cluster University Srinagar on Saturday held a protest in city centre against the hike in their examination fee.
Scores of students assembled here in press enclave and shouted the slogans against the Cluster University for the increase in the examination for M.Ed programme.
Ruqiya, M.Ed student, said, “The Cluster University is charging Rs 2600 as an examination free from us.
But as per the Kashmir University norms they shouldbe taking only Rs 1350 as an examination fee. We have approached the higher authoritiesfor concession. But they are not heeding to our demand”.
“My father is a farmer. He somehow manages the affairs of his family amidst financial constraints. How can he manage to pay the huge fee,” said a girl student.
The students said, on one hand, the government talk’s education at doorsteps, scholarships for poor and on the other are issuing unrealistic orders which directly have an impact on the students.
“Where from the poor students get such a huge amount,” the students questioned.