‘Teacher with a Heart Award’ for 20 in WB

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KOLKATA: The Manochetna Academic and Research Centre (MARC), a wing of the Manovikas Kendra, that works for children with learning difficulties in mainstream schools, will confer ‘Teacher with a Heart Award’ to 20 teachers in such schools across West Bengal.
This will be an outreach initiative to honour teachers who have done exemplary service to the children of mainstream schools, which admit students diagnosed with learning difficulties, MARC Director Arundhati Sarkar said here on Friday.
The teachers have been selected by a panel of academic experts after the names were nominated by their respective institutions.
They have been selected on criterion like “being compassionate to children and coming to their side when they are in emotional need,” Sarkar said.
There will also be a separate ho-nour ‘outstanding category’ for one of the 20 recipients, the Director of Manovikas Kendra Dr Anamika Sinha said. The award ceremony will take place on April 26.