Residents demand upgrading middle school in Sheeri

Residents demand upgrading middle school in Sheeri
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Mohammad Imran Naikoo

Baramulla: Residents of Dangarpora village in Sheeri area of Baramulla district are demanding a local middle school be upgraded to high school level.
To press their demand, residents held a demonstration near Glad village on Thursday, blocking traffic on the Baramulla road for hours.
The protestors said that the village, with a population of one thousand, is devoid of a high school.
“The nearest high schools are located in Laridora and Taripora. They are two kilometres form the village. For reaching High School Taripora children even have to cross a stream,” a protestor said.
They said that many students from the village drop out after 8th class because of the problems.
“Government Middle School Dangarpora is very far from GHSS Laridora and GHS Taripora and its upgradation would solve the problem,” Firdous Ahmad Naik, a resident said.
“We are not able to continue education of our children after class 8th because a high school is very far from the village.We request education minster to look into the matter,” Abdul Hameed, another resident said.
They said the village has been demanding the school upgrade for a long time “but the authorities are least bothered”.
“We are demanding upgradation of the school since 2004. The then MLA Muzaffar Beigh assured us that he will solve the problem. MLA Baramulla Javaid Hassan Beigh, in 2014 elections, promised us that if he wins, upgradation of the school would be his first priority. Now almost four years have passed, he is currently the government, yet we have been ignored,” another resident alleged.
Residents said the school was one of the oldest in Fatehgarh zone and was upgraded to a middle school in 2001-2002. Eight schools of the area are affiliated with it.
Legislator Javaid Beigh told Kashmir Reader that schools are upgraded on feasibility basis.
“We have a proposal of three middle schools for upgradation. We will look into their feasibility and on feasibility basis schools will be upgraded,” Beigh said.
He added that Dangarpora middle school cannot be upgraded, as “there is a Higher Secondary and a High School nearby.”