‘RDA Govt Dental College Srinagar affiliates with DAK’

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SRINAGAR: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) president Dr Suhail Naik has congratulated the scholars of Government Dental College (GDC) Srinagar for electing its Resident Doctors Association (RDA).
Expressing gratitude and satisfaction over democratically elected RDA, Dr Naik in a statement said that associations are part and parcel of a democratic setup which will play a significant role in addressing the genuine grievances and issues of the dental college students and residents. This in turn will help in upgrading the overall healthcare, he added.
Meanwhile, RDA GDC has affiliated with DAK and the Executive Body has welcomed them into their fold, the statement said.
Expressing pleasure, Dr Naik said, “We wholeheartedly welcome the newly formed resident doctors body and will work in tandem to solve the long pending demands of dental college residents.”
“It is a matter of grave shame that academics and administration of GDC Srinagar are suffering due to a caretaker Principal who is using all means at his disposal to get himself confirmed illegally. The GDC Principal has been charged with a criminal case in 2016 by vigilance department of Kashmir vide no. VOK-FIR-33/2012K.3094-95 who have further recommended his removal from the post but he still continues to be there,” DAK president said. “Unless and until there isn’t a deep seated unholy nexus, it wouldn’t have been possible that he is still continuing on that chair.”
He said DAK fully supports the newly formed body of Residents doctors of GDC Srinagar and “is with them shoulder to shoulder for addressing their genuine issues”.