Rasheed to hold 24 hour long fast against atrocities on students

Rasheed to hold 24 hour long fast against atrocities on students
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‘Reaction from every Kashmiri on Kathua rape-murder incident is natural’

Langate: MLA LangateEr. Rasheed on Thursday condemned atrocities on protesting students in Kashmir.
In a statement, he said that he will be holding a 24 hour fast in LalChowk starting after Friday prayers on to make the security forces especially J&K police understand that they cannot use force against the students and malign their image for none of their fault.
Speaking at a function in Langate, Rasheed said that while the Kuthua shame incident has shaken the world community, reaction from every Kashmiri including students is natural.
In a statement, he said, “If government chocks the space for peaceful protests over very genuine issues, then one has to understand the reverse and negative reaction from the other side. Students in universities, colleges and schools are well within their limits to protest over a shameful incident that was ignored by Indian state and Indian society for three consecutive months.”
“While one has every reason, right and duty to appeal the students to maintain calm and not forget their basic duty which is getting best possible education,” Rasheed said.“But the security forces need to be made accountable and there can be cited dozens of examples when forces have provoked students.”
He said, “Use of pellets and other so called non-lethal weapons has rendered scores including female students injured and no civilized society can allow men in uniform to do what they want and interpret things through their biased prism.”
Rasheed said that while in Jammu,Lal Singh and other fringe elements are allowed to throw venom by holding provoking rallies, despite being sacked.