Uncovered manholes in Hazratbal pose threat to pedestrians

Uncovered manholes in Hazratbal pose threat to pedestrians
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Mohammad Imran Naikoo

Srinagar: A number of uncovered manholes along the footpaths in Hazratabal and Nigeen areas are posing a risk to pedestrians.
Residents of Hazratbal, Nigeen and students from Kashmir University, Kashmir Reader talked to, said that the manholes were open deathtraps, and many pedestrians including children have had close shaves.
“The uncovered manhole poses risk to pedestrians and commuters. Recently, some kids were injured after they slipped into uncovered manholes,” a local resident said.
He said the residents have raised the issue with concerned authorities a number of times without any results.
Ather Lateef Shah, a student at the MERC, University of Kashmir said that he was walking outside the university in the evening few days back, when he tripped on an uncovered manhole.
“Fortunately my friend was with me who saved me this time,” Ather said, adding that he was injured by the fall.
“If the manholes are not covered, anyone can become an accident.”Ather said.
The open death-traps have left many pedestrians injured, from Budsah gate of KU to NIT gates and even around Nigeen Club.
Mushtaq Ahmad Lone, a local resident said that he has witnessed many incidents of people and bikers getting injured by falling in the manholes. He said he had seen some manholes uncovered for the last five months.
Another resident said that uncovered, manholes outside Nigeen club has also caused injuries to many students.
Assistant Executive Engineer, R&B division Hazratbal told Kashmir Reader that he would “take notice of the issue”
“If the area is under our jurisdiction then work will commence on it very soon,” he said
He added that he had not received any complaints from local residents.