Taking heavy toll on mental health of educated unemployed

Taking heavy toll on mental health of educated unemployed
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Umer Manzoor

Education, often called as a thing which modifies behaviour and also a thing which make humans civilised.Today the story has completely changed in the Kashmir valley, education is still a modification of behaviourbut in a negative way or so called frustrated way.Education should be main motive of every human being has now become a classical concept.We are not far from that time when no parent will be willing to send their kids to a school, I know it seems hilarious but truth cannot be neglected.I have heard from my parents that there had been a time in our Kashmir when small number of people were educated and getting a desired job was every ones’ cup of tea.
What fears me the most is the census ratio of literacy rate which is increasing by every second. I am feeling a time bomb has literally set its time to blast which will shatter our society and will be more powerful than a nuclear bomb,yes it is the bomb of unemployment.A kid is sent to a school at the age of four and is continuouslybeing engaged in the process of learning.After too much hard work when a student completes his Masters or Philosophers degree in Kashmir, he/she is being literally advised by his prime minister to bake Pakodsfor his livelihood.I utter to ask my nation that is this not an injustice to an educated person that he spends his maximum lifetime in schools, colleges and Universities and at the end he is shown the door.It is true that education should not be a tool to make money but it is equally true that being alive demands some amount which everyone gets from a job.
How unlucky an educated person is,because after completing his education he has to do something of what he has no concept of.I utter to ask my government if we were supposed to become shopkeepers,pakodawalasetc. why were we sent to magnificent educational institutions, whywere we not taught the other life skills which would have been made us capable of earning our livelihood. People who do not go to schools or left their studies mid-way are happy and are earning handsome moneyto support their families.It is a terrific truth that an educated person, nowadays, is unable to earn bread for himself. It is unfortunatethat an educated man cannot become a bridegroom because he doesnot have a job and he cannot do any other business as he had wasted a lot of time in universities when he should have searched for any other source of income.
Educated people have lost their value in their families and among their relatives. I personally feel insulted when I visit my relatives because everyone taunts me by saying”you have done nothing,when you are going to earn,you are a burden on your father” and much more.I know every unemployed person is facing this.It really kills me inside to see a government office where maximum people working are 8th,10th and 12th pass outs. In Kashmir every political party increases the votes of its vote bank by various illegitimate practices like by allowing back door entries during the recruitment drive.Before some years many 12fth pass people were recruited as teachers on the habitation basis in the Education department.Presently government is going to engage 60000 people in various government departments among which maximum are 8th and 10th pass.It is really a big insult that a university pass out is idle and a 10th pass person is having a government job.It is better to be 10th pass than to be a postgraduate.
Furthermore, the fake selection procedures have become an incurable ulcer in the spine of education today.Inorder to get a government job,a person is obligatory to have either a handsome amount to pay bribes or to have a political approach.After spending more than two decades in perusing education and spending lakhs of rupees on it, a person finally becomes a burden on his family and finally Morality, Ethics, Education, Literacy like terms are murdered here by the cruel government.It is easy to get education but it is hard to stay educated.How will the nation progress or touch the scales of heights where the 8th pass and 10th pass persons are holding the government offices and those with Masters or scholar’s degrees are either shopkeepers or teachers in private schools where they are being provided a meagre amount of money which is less than the wages of any labourer. How unfortunate is this that aPhD scholar is applying for a fourth class job.What could be the future of a nation where 10th pass person is holding a government office and a guy with Master’s degree isdriving a sumo.

—Author has pursued B.ed and is Post graduate in Chemistry and English. He can be reached at umanzoor2@gmail.com