‘Students facing a war-like situation’

‘Students facing a war-like situation’
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SRINAGAR: Terming the current political situation in Jammu and Kashmir as highly volatile and gruesome, the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehraie has condemned the “frequent use of repressive measures by Indian occupation forces on the peaceful protest marches organised by the freedom loving people of Kashmir”.
Sehraie in a statement issued here said young students were forced to face a war like situation “when the men in uniform resorted, without any provocation, to brisk teargas shelling and cane-charge, which caused injuries to the dozens of innocent students”.
“The raids and widespread arrests spree – son for father and brother for brother – are tailored ploys to demand ransom for their release,” Sehraie alleged.
Hailing the “high spirits” and “courage” of people of Kashmir especially the young generation, the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat chairman said, “The unbending resolve and invincible commitment for the sacred goal of freedom movement displayed by the people of Kashmir irrespective of the high handedness and use of barbarism by Indian occupation forces has created a matchless history in the contemporary world.”
Expressing his “utmost” satisfaction over the “positive role” played by the young generation, TeH chairman said, “No movement in the world history, launched by the pious and young people, has been defeated by the imperialistic and aggressive forces.”
Sehraie urged the United Nations human rights divisions to “take cognisance of the gross human rights violations at the hands of Indian occupation forces” in Jammu and Kashmir.