PM ‘solely responsible’ for cash crunch: Cong

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NEW DELHI: The Congress Wednesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was “solely responsible” for the cash crunch in the country, claiming that it was a result of his demonetisation decision.
Congress leader Pawan Khera accused the government of doing politics instead of focussing on governance.
Senior party leader and former finance minister also said the “ghost” of demonetisation had come to haunt the government and alleged that the Rs 2,000 notes were printed only to help hoarders.
He also said there was a possibility that people had lost confidence in the banking system due to the “bank scams” and they were not putting their surplus money into the banks.
Khera alleged that the government and its mouthpieces were coming up with fresh excuses daily, but they had to answer questions about where the people should keep their money as the cash crunch and scams had shattered their faith in the banking sector.
“This government is continuously doing cheap politics all day long and and is not focussing on governance. How will the country run like this? There is a cash crunch in the country and the government and its mouthpiece are coming out with new excuses and theories,” he told reporters.
Khera alleged that the cash crunch was was a result of demonetisation for which the prime minister was solely responsible.
The Congress leader also asked why only one-sixth of the daily requirement of cash was made available to banks which were asking the RBI for more cash supply.