Indian Sikh woman accepts Islam, marries Muslim in Pak

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Islamabad: An Indian Sikh woman, who went to Pakistan to attend the Baisakhi festival, has sought extension of her visa after marrying a man in Lahore and embracing Islam, media reports said Thursday.
Kiran Bala, daughter of Manohar Lal from Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district, wrote to the Pakistan Foreign Office that her visa should be extended as she married one Mohammad Azam, resident of Lahore, during a ceremony held at Jamia Naeemia seminary in Lahore on April 16, The Express Tribune reported.
She also changed her name to Amna Bibi which she used to sign the letter addressed to the foreign ministry, the report said.
“Now in the given circumstances, the undersigned could not return back to India and the undersigned have received life threats of assassination, therefore, the undersigned intends to extend her visa,” she wrote in the letter, published by the local media.
The Pak FO or the Indian High Commission have not said anything about the letter.
She arrived in Pakistan on April 12 with other Sikh pilgrims to attend the festival in Gurdwara Panja Sahib located in Hasan Abdal near Islamabad. Her visa will expire on April 21. PTI

3 Responses to "Indian Sikh woman accepts Islam, marries Muslim in Pak"

  1. gurmeet   April 19, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    first of all . she is not a sikh girl.. bcoz kaur is the last name of sikh girls and singh with boys.. as above written .. they both are not sikh . but are from punjab.. so think before entitled your news.. and such kind of news should not be there on the.famous news platform

  2. Sandeep singh   April 19, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    An Indian Sikh woman who went to Pakistan to attend the Baisakhi festival
    (it’s an Indian women but she is not Sikh in Punjab

    Kiran Bala, daughter of Manohar Lal from Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district,

    (From which side this girl
    kiran bala daughter of manohar Lal is a sikh)

    the media is just highlighting this news coz the Girl was gone to Pakistan with other Sikhs pilgrims to attend the festival in Gurudwara Panja sahib
    so it doesn’t means that she is sikh

  3. Yojovinder Singh Bali "aka" Jimmy   April 19, 2018 at 11:14 pm

    It Seems that the people on the webdesk of your editorial are either too smart or too niave n ignorant of the fact that any girl having the last name Bala can never be a Sikh and a Sikh girl can never be a daughter of Manohar Lal its a common sense. This Copy paste journalism has already tarnished the morality of the society and your publication is no different. If your editorial desk has logical reason to prove this I am all available at 7006708350. This news might have given u a readership value but sorry to say you are doing no good to society…Regards. Y.S.Bali. (Still Editor in Chief for The Kashmir Impact….Just news n nothing nonsense). Hope that rings the bell.


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