Consensual ousting

Consensual ousting
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Nothing is spontaneous in politics, if it was, then, it would have made a difference after the two BJP ministers were ousted for, apparently, participating in the Hindu Ekta Munch rally-supporting the accused in the rape and murder of a minor girl. Nothing has changed, neither the politics of hate nor the posturing of the ousted ministers, in fact, one of them went berserk. The campaign, which was run to save the accused in the heinous crime seems to have intensified and a rally carried out in Sambha by Chowdhary Lal Singh, eloquently makes it clear that the move was pre-conceived and properly scripted. The resignations, the two BJP ministers, tendered to the government should have, ideally, diluted or completely neutralized their role on aggravating the situation. But, their emboldened approach raised many eyebrows and suspicions on the intent of what they called a voluntary resignation, which they claimed was for the interest of peace in the region. Was it really for peace? Or it was to maintain the status quo in the contentious issue between the two communities. Keeping the ministers away from the fray, it looks as if they simply sought impunity to enable them to keep the pot for CBI demand boiling. The onus of the responsibilities remains no more with them to keep their mouth shut as their eviction gave them a pretext to go on against the tide. The process of rallying and protesting in support of the accused should have ended immediately after they stepped down but it is going the other way round. The intensity seems to have increased. Even a sitting Union BJP minister is quoted to have on-record said that CBI probe can happen, signifies that BJP had, probably, asked the two ministers to resign to ensure that they keep on beating the drums for the transfer of the case to CBI. If they were, which the party claims, penalized for their participation in the HeM rally in Kathua they could have abstained from repeating such an act and would have never opted to rally more on the issue. The Samba rally, carried out a day before, sets the context right. The game of checks and balances is meticulously done to keep the partnership in the government intact and also keep the politics of polarization rolled out which is actually the politics of affiliation. Creating of HeM makes the speculation more explicit and more comprehensible. The BJP cannot afford to annoy people who formed the organization-the HeM-as it was the brainchild of people with utmost significance in the party who are responsible for making earn such a huge popularity for, erstwhile, lesser know BJP in the state. Politics is all about public posturing, which has to be long lasting otherwise, it fizzles out and makes the one who plays it insignificant and this process, indeed, is spontaneous in politics!

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