PDP pushed Kashmir into instability: NC

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Demands exemplary punishment to Kathua culprits

SRINAGAR: National Conference (NC) on Tuesday said PDP’s “sell-out” and “recurring ideological U-turns” had pushed Kashmir into the throes of instability and turmoil as thousands of young men stood disenchanted and pushed into a corner.
Addressing the party meeting at Anantnag on Tuesday, senior NC leader and party’s south zone president Sakina Ittoo said the deteriorating law and order situation and the unabated spate of civilian killings was a manifestation of PDP’s politics of “deceit and rank opportunism”.
She said bloodshed in the valley since the past three years has failed to awaken the sleeping conscience of PDP as it continues to hold on to power at great costs to the state’s stability and peace.
“This is the same party that sought votes to keep BJP out of power and then went on to create false moral smokescreens to sell the 2014 mandate to the BJP. Every single promise made by PDP ahead of the 2014 elections and then in their ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ stands broken. PDP has shattered the faith that it had sought from the people in 2014 and is the primary culprit in pushing young boys towards violence and turmoil,” she said.
Sakina also expressed anguish and sorrow over the horrific rape and murder of an eight-year-old child in Kathua, saying, “This too was a matter of shame for the PDP as the Gujjar and Bakerwal communities in Jammu had been at the receiving end of harassment and dispossession ever since the PDP-BJP government took over.”
“Had Mehbooba Mufti acted when Chaudhary Lal Singh threatened Gujjars and Bakerwals with a repeat of 1947 two years ago — perhaps things wouldn’t have come to this pass. PDP’s complete surrender and appeasement of rabid voices has emboldened those divisive forces who want to pitch people of one region and religion against people of another region and religion. This alliance has created an unprecedented wedge between Jammu and Kashmir regions and continues to polarize people to reap political dividends. We demand nothing short of the capital punishment to the culprits in the Kathua case and won’t allow justice to be subverted,” Itoo said.
She said Mehbooba’s alliance with BJP has brought nothing but misery and humiliation for the state and its people.