Baby gets new life with new vision

Baby gets new life with new vision
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Sharp Sight Eye Hospital brings new hope in darkness

SRINAGAR: Bazila Khursheed, a one-year-old infant, came into this world with cataract in her eyes. Due to this congenital defect, she was visually impaired. In fact, for the initial few months, her parents didn’t even realise their daughter was blind. It was only when she failed to respond to them and later began to bump into things while crawling. Her father took him to a doctor in Anantnag.

“On examining Bazila’s condition, the local doctor referred us to Sharp Sight Eye Hospital, Srinagar. It was here that an eminent eye specialist from New Delhi Dr Samir Sud screened and revealed that Bazila’s blindness was caused due to congenital cataract, a condition that occurs in newborn babies for many reasons such as inherited tendencies, infection, diabetes, trauma, inflammation or drug reactions. But, he assured us that though the condition was bad, it needed prompt surgery,” reveals Bazila’s father Khursheed Ahmad who always had a misconception that cataracts are a result of aging process only.

Congenital cataract is said to be the most common cause of treatable blindness in young children. But, it needs to be detected early so as to allow prompt treatment, which involves a surgery.

“Bazila was not even one year old when Dr Sud suggested us to go ahead with an immediate surgery,” says her father. According to the doctor any delay in surgery would not only aggravate complexities but would also reduce her chances of vision restoration as there are certain risks associated with the surgery.

“Even though I understood his viewpoint, being a father, I was tad apprehensive. Understanding my concern, Dr Sud not only explained and elaborated the procedure that involved removal of my daughter’s cataract-ridden lenses and slipping in synthetic ones in their place, but he also assured us that Bazila would soon see everything crystal clear,” recalls Khursheed.

Bazila’s family agreed to go ahead with the surgery, and, today, they don’t have enough words to thank Sharp Sight doctors for bringing light into their daughter’s life. “I am so glad that they guided us in the right direction as any delay in treating my daughter could have caused a threat to her vision and robbed her childhood and entire life,” says Khursheed.

When the doctors of Sharp Sight removed the bandages a day later, Bazila’s world was filled with light,” exclaims Bazila’s father with joy. He has already shortlisted some places of Srinagar to take his daughter around.

‘Sharp Sight’ as a part of its expansion plan has recently opened a state-of-the-art eye hospital for the local residents of the Valley region. The hospital is a modern center of excellence in Srinagar offering various treatments of eye diseases and disorders with the latest equipment’s and world-class technology, at no add-on cost.

According to Dr Sud, “Today, with modern pediatric anesthesia and microsurgical techniques, the risks associated with cataract surgery of children are definitely low. Any delay in treatment for cataract at birth may end up a child with a blind eye and strabismus,”

Sharp Sight aims to reach out to even unchartered areas and fight childhood blindness from congenital cataracts which is also a mission of Vision 2020: The Right to Sight, a global initiative aimed at reducing the world’s burden of avoidable blindness. “We understand that infants and toddlers, who cannot speak, need extra attention and therefore, at our Srinagar hospital, we have a separate pediatric wing to look into the congenital and developmental eye problems prevalent among children,” informs Dr Sud.