PDP misleading people for power, says Congress

PDP misleading people for power, says Congress
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SRINAGAR: Congress on Monday said that party doesn’t need sermons from those responsible for “agony and anguish” among the people.
Congress leader Kadfeen Chowdhary said this while responding to the statement of PDP MLC Khurshid Alam in which he has said that Congress is playing “dubious” role in Kuthua rape and murder case.
“PDP should stop to mislead people and ensure that probe into the rape and murder of eight year old girl in Kuthua is completed on fast track basis,” Congress leader said in a statement issued here, adding, “It is the Congress party alone which has forced the government to conduct probe into the incident, so the culprits involved would be punished.”
He said that it was the Congress leadership only that visited the bereaved family in Rasana. “The fact is that Congress is not in habit of playing politics on any issue concerning people of the State. Congress is committed to fight for justice to victims,” Kadfeen said.
Taking a jibe at PDP, Congress leader said: “PDP is responsible for chaos and confusion in the state and cannot escape the responsibility of damages caused to people, especially in the valley.”
He said PDP owes explanation to people for aligning with “communal” forces after securing votes on certain sensitive issues. “PDP leader is something like unsuccessfully attempting to justify its alliance with RSS, BJP responsible for polarizing situation in Kathua, but I want to tell PDP leader that his party has betrayed people for power. PDP should go for self-introspection and deliberate on the damages caused to people due to existence of this unholy alliance,” Congress leader added.