LPG consumers transferred without information, subsidy untraced

LPG consumers transferred without information, subsidy untraced
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Srinagar: For the last ten months, a gas consumer in Srinagar has not been receiving the subsidy amount on his LPG purchases.
Siraj ud Din Banday, decades old consumer of Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation Limited (JAKFED), which supplies gas to more than 15000 household across the Valley, would receive a gas refill from the agency every month. The driver representing the agency would mark the entry in the consumer’s gas connection copy, and his own, before handing the cylinder to him.
“But I never received the subsidy which I would get before July 2017 following the same procedure,” Rouf Banday, son of Siraj, told Kashmir Reader. “On Monday I visited JAKFED office to enquire the reason for not receiving the subsidy. They told me that the connection has been transferred to another private agency.”
W“But I was never informed about it,” Banday asserts.
Nazir Ahmad, Gas Manager JAKFED, told Kashmir Reader that about 2000 gas connections have been transferred to a private company Valley Indane by Indian Oil “by over stepping a laid procedure”.
Indian Oil, transferred the connections, including that of Siraj’s without the consent of consumer, and the agency.
“We have even written about it to Indian Oil, but they never bothered to respond. There is a possibility this might have happened to hundreds of other consumers too,” he said.
Asked why the JAKFED failed to inform consumers Nazir said, it was “human error”.
Manager Valley Indane, Parvaiz Ahmad said that the transferred connection was given to their agency by Indian oil, “so ask them”.
Parvaiz Ahmad, Sales Officer, Indian Oil told Kashmir Reader to sent the details of consumers to him for rectifying.
Asked why the consumers were not informed, he said, “Now if a consumer does not want it from a particular agency, I will help them to get it from the agency they want it from.”
The attitude of oil company and the agencies has left the consumer in dire straits. No one is in a position to tell, if the consumers will get the subsidy reimbursed and how.
The bigger questions, why the JAKFED and the consumers were no informed before transfer, remains. Cooperatives Minster, Chering Dorjay told Kashmir Reader that he will collect details about the case.
“I will get details from officer. If there is a need I will also inquire about it. Call me tomorrow, I will let you know,” he said.