JKLF writes open letter to Commonwealth nations to resolve Kashmir issue

JKLF writes open letter to Commonwealth nations to resolve Kashmir issue
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SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has written an open letter to the leaders of 53 Commonwealth nations attending their biennial meeting in London this week urging them to find solution to Kashmir issue, party said on Monday.
A party spokesperson in a statement issued here said that JKLF has urged the Commonwealth countries to constructively engage with India, Pakistan and Kashmiris for a durable and equitable resolution of the more than 70-year-long conflict.
He said that JKLF’s diplomatic affairs head Prof Zafar Khan urged the Commonwealth nations to set up a mediation panel to engage with India, Pakistan and Kashmiris for a durable and equitable resolution of the conflict.
The spokesperson said that Khan reminded the Commonwealth leaders that JKLF had written to the Secretary General of the Commonwealth in December 2017 and urged her to ensure that the 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) plays a constructive role on the political status of Jammu Kashmir.
The JKLF reiterated its position that the people of Jammu Kashmir desired peace and wished for their country to become a bridge of peace and amity between India and Pakistan and not a perpetual bone of contention in South Asia. It said the Jammu Kashmir conflict should not be seen as a bilateral or territorial dispute between India and Pakistan but as an international issue concerning the unfettered right to self-determination of 20 million Kashmiris to determine their political destiny across both sides of the ceasefire line.
The spokesperson reminded the Commonwealth leaders that as nuclear powers, India and Pakistan present a mortal danger to 1.5 billion people of South Asia and the Commonwealth had an international and moral obligation to disengage both countries in Jammu Kashmir for the sake of peace and prosperity in South Asia and the world.
“India has no legal or moral basis for the claim that Jammu Kashmir is its ‘integral’ part. India must answer for the 8000 missing persons and more than 7000 unmarked graves in Jammu Kashmir. The Commonwealth family of nations (must) take note of the fact that Jammu Kashmir is the most heavily militarised region in the world and its 700,000 troops have killed over a lakh people in the past 30 years,” the statement reminded the Commonwealth leaders.
The statement added that “the militarised violence, the massive violations of human rights and victimisation of political dissent in Kashmir must stop, and the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) must not be deprived of its democratic right of free speech, of assembly and the right to engage with masses in all parts of Jammu Kashmir. India must allow the UNHCHR access to Kashmir, to investigate excesses against civilians and political activists by Indian armed forces in Jammu Kashmir”.
Prof Zafar Khan also called on the million plus Kashmiri Diaspora in Britain, to protest in London during the Commonwealth meetings, including against the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the “atrocities” committed by Indian armed forces in Jammu Kashmir.
“The JKLF and its members along with other Kashmiris will participate in the public protests including against Indian premier Narendra Modi on his arrival to UK,” the spokesperson said.