NC, PDP have failed people of state in ensuring justice to 8-year old Kathua girl: Rasheed

NC, PDP have failed people of state in ensuring justice to 8-year old Kathua girl: Rasheed
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Seeks stern action against SSP Kuthua

Jammu: Accusing NC and PDP of crossing all levels of hypocrisy and shamelessness, MLA Langate Er. Rasheed on Sunday said that both the regional parties have failed the people of the state in ensuring justice for 8 year old Kathua girl.
In a statement, Rasheed said that the investigation should have taken the proper course of action at the very initial stage as not only the crime was heinous but to take measures whatsoever required was within the competence of government.
He said, “It looks so humiliating on part of PDP that Nayeen Akhter thanks Indian media for highlighting the Kathua case, forgetting not only that Indian media maintained a criminal silence for three months, but Nayeen Akhter and his party continued to succumb under BJP’s pressure.”
MLA Langate said, “Mehbooba Mufti she should have taken action against the ministers once the issue surfaced, and there is no role of PDP in sacking the two ministers. BJP after feeling the heat within and outside India sacked the ministers and it was by no means any step taken on moral grounds.” Rasheed questioned Omer Abdullah for thanking Prime Minister Narinder Moodi for speaking few words over Kuthua Incident.
He said, “Both Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah being the main faces of main stream politics should accept their failure and confess that nothing happens in Jammu & Kashmir unless New Delhi does not want and allow any thing to happen.”
He said, “For continuous three months Mehbooba Mufti’s position was made miserable by not only BJP but all fanatic elements and political parties including congress and panthers party only for the reason she was a Muslim Chief Minister and her every word was being seen through the communal prism.”
“The shameless SSP Kuthua Suliman Chowdhary worked like a private servant for Lal Singh and other BJP leaders besides those of Ekta Manch,” he said. “Suliman not only facilitated all sorts of protests by the goons and the ministers, but prevented most of the people including elected representatives from the majority community from visiting the family of the victim.”
“He must answer what he did from preventing the rallies in favour of culprits and disallowing them disgracing the tri-color on every occasion. Like many other officers hailing from the Muslim community, Suliman Chowdhary tried to prove himself more loyal than anyone to the communal forces in Jammu and as such action needs to be initiated against such police officers like him, who have failed to discharge their duties in accordance with the law,” Rasheed said.