KANGAN YOUTH KILLING: Malik expresess sorrow over human loss

KANGAN YOUTH KILLING: Malik expresess sorrow over human loss
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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Sunday expressed his heartfelt grief and sorrow over the loss of yet another budding young Kashmiri – Muhammad Amir Lone at Kangan, who died in a hospital.
In a statement, Malik said, “Cold blooded murder of yet another young Kashmiri is a glaring example of the fact that Kashmiri blood is cheap and valueless in the eyes of forces.”
On Malik’s directions, a JKLF delegation led by JKLF district President Ganderbal Bashir Ahmad Rather visited Chatergul Kangan and participated in funeral prayers and burial of martyr Amir. Delegation met with the bereaved family and expressed condolences to them. While praying for the heavenly abode of the martyr, JKLF leader also prayed for the Sabr I Jamil of his bereaved family.
While condemning the brutal killing of Amir Ahmad Lone, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik said that this “cold blooded murder” has yet again proved the fact that Indian bullets and pellets have only one trajectory and target and that is to hit heads, eyes, chests and faces of innocent Kashmiris and snatching their lives.
JKLF chairman said that from Shupian to Kulgam and Sonawari to Handwara and Bandipora to Kangan Kashmiri blood is being spilled over on roads but no one among the international community seems to bother.
“That those who have choked every little space on peaceful activities, who incarcerate political activists under black laws, who use military and police might to suppress peoples voices should remember that their acts of oppression towards humans are being carved into the pages of history and will be remembered by upcoming generations and that every oppressor has to face the law of retribution and answer for their crimes against humans and humanity,” he said.
He said that young Kashmiris are being “massacred” on daily basis by forces and “this genocide is directly abetted by pro-India politicians and rulers of Jammu Kashmir who are actually acting as handles of the Indian axe that is butchering Kashmiris”.
JKLF chairman said that our hearts are bleeding and eyes weeping on this human loss, “but this torment instead of suppressing us into submission is strengthening our resolve and passion for achieving freedom and right to self-determination.