KANGAN YOUTH KILLING: DeM expresses anguish over killing

KANGAN YOUTH KILLING: DeM expresses anguish over killing
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Lashes out at govt for ‘letting hell loose on people of Kashmir’

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) on Sunday expressed anguish over the killing of Muhammad Amir Lone and lashed out at the Mehbooba Mufti regime for letting hell loose on the people of Kashmir and using brute forces against the peaceful student protesters.
In a statement, DeM chairperson Syeda Aasiya Andrabi said that the people of Kashmir yet again on Sunday woke up to the news of the martyrdom of a youth, who was brutally injured by the forces in Kangan on April 3, during a protest demonstration against civilians killings in Kashmir.
Aasiya while praying for peace to the soul of Muhammad Amir Lone, said that there is not a single day in Kashmir when the people do not have to lift the coffins of their dear ones.
Aasiya said that many people are admitted in different hospitals with grievous injuries while two of them have been hit by bullets in their heads and are in critical condition, battling for life.
She said that the situation across Jammu and Kashmir is very gruesome.
Blaming the forces for choking the space of people, Aasiya said that the people are not even allowed to peacefully come on roads and protest.
“When people come on roads, they are dealt with brute forces using pellets, bullets and other dangerous gases,” she said, adding, “The veracity of suppression is so brute and acute that it cannot be explained in words.”
She said that in Kulgam, where the militants successfully escaped the gunfight site with the help of civilian population, forces went berserk on the civilians and fired live bullets in anger. “The army deliberately fired bullets in the vital organs of the people to kill them,” she said.
She said that the reins of the Jammu and Kashmri have been handed over to the army and Jammu and Kashmir police.
Meanwhile, condemning the attack on the people who stood by the family of Asifa in fighting their case, Aasiya said that Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into a “Jungle”. “Even jungle has its rules and the creatures living there follow them. However, Jammu and Kashmir seems to be the only place where those who seek justice are been harassed and punished, that too by the people who are hand in glove with the state,” she said.
Terming the resignation of two BJP ministers as a “politically motivated drama”, Aasiya said that this is not going to yield anything.
“The decision had been taken consciously and the BJP is addressing its political constituency by befooling its administrative partner PDP,” she said.
She appealed the people of Jammu and Kashmir to show persistence and remain determined to seek justice for Kathua rape and murdered girl.